The Two Best Ways to Make Money Online

Are you tired of hearing the phrase “It’s easy to make money online”, but when you actually try to make money online, you have a hard time making any money at all? The fact of the matter is – yes it’s quite easy to make money online, but only if you have the KNOWLEDGE and the DETERMINATION to do it. The good news is – if you are reading this, then you are one step ahead of everyone else. Using the information I have outlined here, you should be able to quickly start using the internet to make extra (or full time) income for yourself.If you go around the internet searching for ways to make money online, chances are that you will run into a lot of scams. These online “gurus” will try to make you believe that their ‘new’ way to make money online will make you rich before you know it. The truth is – no one will make money online off these bogus methods except for the money they make selling it to you. All of the people who REALLY make money online stick with two tried and true methods.The first of the two methods is Google AdSense. Google AdSense is a great way to make money online! Using AdSense, you can have Google display small, non-obstructive, targeted ads on your website that will earn you money every time a visitor clicks on it. This is also by far one of the easiest ways to make money online. All you have to do is find information that people want to know, provide this information for free on your website, and have Google display ads on your website so you can make money online from it. Its as simple as that.Two questions might be running through your mind right now. The first might be, “What if I don’t have a website?” Not a problem! You can still make money online through AdSense by going to sites like or and setting up a free blog. Blogs are relatively easy to set up and they take little internet knowledge to update. Many people who make money online have blogs, some reaching six figure revenues. The idea is to keep these blogs updated with fresh content that people will want to read. If you have a large amount of people counting on your blog for information, then you can make money online using a blog.The second question you may be asking is, “What if I don’t have anything to write about?” Also not a problem! You can still make money online with free content by going to article sites that allow you to reprint their articles. Simply copy the articles that pertain to the topic of your blog and repost a few every week. Alternatively, you could go to free content sites (do a Google search) that offer free e-books. Search for a book that you would rarely find online, but also something that interests you and pertains to the topic of your blog. Break this book down into little sections (Possibly a chapter each, or less) and post a section every day. After you are done with the whole book in a couple of months, you will have good traffic, and you will be indexed in search engines. If you want to make money online, this is a sure-fire start. However, another crucial part to success is once you have one of these blogs going – REPEAT IT! Create more and more blogs on different subjects. The more times you repeat your successful projects, the more money you make.The second way you can make money online is through marketing information products. Do you have a special talent? Everyone does! You can make money online through your talents by writing an e-book about something you are passionate about. Make sure, however, that when you are thinking of an idea for an e-book its going to be something that will train others, or solve problems. People will be more likely to purchase your information product online, if they feel like they need it quickly. Say for example that you like to bake cookies. You might write a book about the history of cookies, how many different types of cookies there are, and what ingredients work best in cookies. This might be an interesting book, but no one would feel the need to buy it anytime soon. However, if you instead write an e-book about hundreds of different cookie recipes, people that want to bake cookies right away will download your e-book the same day. This is how a vast majority of people make money online. Even if you are doing AdSense, you should strive to have at least one e-book selling online at all times. This is because once you have done the work in setting up the e-book and the website for it, all the income is passive from that point on and you can focus your attention on other methods to make money online.Alternatively, if you don’t know how to write, you can still make money online selling e-books by having some one write the book for you. There are many websites that will allow you to hire freelance writers. It will cost you, but it will take the burden of creating your product off your shoulders and you will be able to focus on marketing the book to make money online. If you are creating the sales pitch for your website, try to look at some successful sites that sell products similar to yours. See the way they sell their products and what makes the way they market it enticing. Try to implement strategies from successful marketers in your website.

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